The counseling department consists of two part-time counselors and up to two graduate-level counseling interns who work with students, staff, families and outside professionals to help with the success of Horizon Academy students.  Because of varied roles and responsibilities, the counselors approach their work from the perspective of “how can we best support students in their personal and academic growth?”  The need for counseling services at Horizon Academy is important because many of our students are not only facing academic delays, but are dealing with issues of self-esteem, anxiety, self-awareness, self-control, peer relations, understanding social norms, etc.


As students and families are transitioning in and out of our school, the counselor can assist in smoothing out the adjustment period.  Individual and group counseling sessions can be requested by student, staff, or parents who feel it would benefit the student.  All students participate in group counseling sessions and weekly classroom social skills presentations.  Self-Advocacy is stressed throughout the school culture but is spearheaded by the counseling department.  Student participation in their educational planning is stressed through attending conferences, leading their annual review meeting and presenting a personal inventory.  The counseling department assists with issues that arise with the students in regard to school, classmates or staff and encourage the students (and parents) to work directly on the problem.