The Purpose of HAPA

The Horizon Academy Parent Association an organization that provides a community of support, information, and friendship among the families and staff of Horizon Academy.

Who Can Be Members?

Anyone interested in the welfare of the students and teachers at Horizon Academy. Parents, grandparents, and friends are all welcome members.


Several times throughout the year, HAPA asks for financial or in-kind donations. Based on parent feedback we have decided to streamline the multiple donation requests into one. We ask that each family make a one-time, tax-deductible donation of $100 to HAPA. This is inclusive of the $25 HAPA fee, $25 for field trips, $25 towards Aloha Lunches for the staff, $25 for your child’s class basket gift and a wine or whiskey donation for the annual Bayou Bash fundraiser. You can make your donation by check or pay by credit card below.

How Can I Help?

Whether it’s our Fall Fest, Bayou Bash, or the holiday program, parent volunteers are a vital part of the Horizon Academy family! HAPA members help in many ways: sharing their time and talents, acting as Room Parents, funding field trips, organizing Scholastic Book Fairs and many more activities that benefit the children attending Horizon Academy. Click the button below to sign up or view all of the opportunities we have for parents.

Room Parents

Teacher Room Parent
Ms. Hodge
Ms. Linton
Mrs. Herber
Mr. Isenmann
Mrs. Semro
Mr. McEnery
Mrs. Denning
Mrs. Jones
Ms. Guillory

HAPA Board of Directors for 2018-2019


President: Patrick Meraz

Vice President: Jamie Kammer

Secretary: Shannon Green

Treasurer: Chris Kelly