Horizon Academy is committed to the development of the whole child, even at the elementary level. Our program and curriculum are designed to foster a love of learning. The Elementary Team strives to enhance basic academic skills while exploring areas of individual strengths. Curriculum is individualized to meet the needs of each of our students. The program stresses respect and responsibility while encouraging our students to develop a sense of their own uniqueness in a caring and safe environment. Our goal is to help our students reach their academic and social potentials while working at an independent level in an inclusive, attentive environment.


Technology is designed to:

Smart Boards are changing the way our staff thinks about teaching, as the possibilities for instruction are endless! With these tools we are able to model and demonstrate uses of any computer application, play interactive review games, show short video clips and provide multi-sensory learning.


Language Arts (Reading & Writing) is designed to:

At Horizon Academy, Language Arts are taught through both small group and whole classroom instruction using The Wilson Reading System or The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning Strategies, specialized instructional materials and a variety of literature. For small group instruction, students are placed according to their specific needs. Teachers provide direct, systematic, explicit instruction in multiple components of reading and writing, and differentiate instruction based on student profiles.

Reading Class teaches students to:

Writing Class teaches students to:


Math Class is designed to:


 Social Studies and Science Classes are designed to:


Social Skills is designed to:

Research suggests that many children with learning disabilities also struggle with understanding the social world. The same challenges that cause learning disabilities can also contribute to social difficulties. For this reason, all Horizon Academy students take part in a weekly classroom-based social skills program. Social skills goals focus on helping each child develop a personal understanding of his or her own strengths and challenges, as well as to become a successful member of both the school and larger community.

Social Skills teaches students to:

Physical Education is designed to:


Art and Music are designed to:

The fine arts —  visual art and music — are an integral component of the Horizon Academy program. For many Horizon Academy students, the fine arts represent areas of strength. The goal of the fine arts program is to both develop these strengths and to integrate learning through the use of multiple modalities designed to integrate various functions of the brain.