Matt Gauer

I first arrived at Horizon Academy in 2000 after a difficult experience with public school. Upon attending Horizon, going to school was no longer a painful experience for me. I felt like I was not only a student, but also part of a real dedicated learning community. The teachers and staff at Horizon treated me with respect and encouragement, and along the way I learned how to overcome my weaknesses and discover my strengths. Horizon Academy changed my life and I am proud to have been the first high school graduate.

After Horizon, I attended Penn Valley Community College where I received an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design. During that time, I was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society based on my high grade point average. After graduating from college, I have had numerous graphic design jobs where I worked as an employee and a freelancer. Today, I also work as a self-employed cake builder and sugar artist. My cakes have become popular with family and friends, and I continue to flourish in my craft as a result. To this day, I am grateful for Horizon Academy and their continuous dedication to helping and encouraging students with learning disabilities who want to get ahead in life.