Typically, many people reflect upon their middle school years as a challenging time physically, socially and emotionally. At Horizon Academy, we understand these challenges, and we strive to ensure that Horizon Academy’s Middle Team is a different experience. We recognize that our students are at a crossroads between their elementary and high school years, and we are trained and happy to help guide them successfully through. We also differentiate instruction so that every student’s needs will be met, from remediation of basic skills to extending skills for our students who are above grade level.


Reading Class is designed to:

Writing Class is designed to:


Math Class is designed to:


Social Studies and Science Classes help students to:


Social Skills is designed to:

Research suggests that many children with learning disabilities also struggle with understanding the social world. The same challenges that cause learning disabilities can also contribute to social difficulties. For this reason, all Horizon Academy students take part in a weekly classroom-based social skills program. Social skills goals focus on helping each child develop a personal understanding of his or her own strengths and challenges, as well as on becoming a successful member of both the school and the larger community.

Physical Education is designed to help students:


Art, Music, Dance & Drama are designed to:

The fine arts — visual art, music, dance & drama — are an integral component of the Horizon Academy program. For many Horizon Academy students, the fine arts represent areas of strength. The goal of the fine arts program is to both develop these strengths and to integrate learning through the use of multiple modalities designed to integrate various functions of the brain.