Free Early Reading Screenings

Horizon Academy is now offering free early reading screenings to children ages 5-7, whose parents are having concerns about their reading progress.


The reading screening looks at a child’s phonological processing skills, which refers to a child’s awareness of and sensitivity to the sounds of his or her oral language. Fluent reading is built upon the ability to remember these sounds, and put them together and take them apart to form new and different words.


“…critical levels of phonological awareness can be developed through carefully planned instruction, and this development has a significant influence on children’s reading and spelling achievement…” (Ball & Blackman, 1991; Bradley & Bryant, 1985; Byrne & Fielding-Barnsley, 1989, 1991; O’Conner, Jenkins, Leicester, & Slocum, 1993).

During your child’s 15 minute screening, he or she will meet with a Speech Language Pathologist. Following the screening, parents will be provided with recommended next steps to enhance reading skills.


The purpose of this screening is not to diagnose dyslexia but to identify students whose performance is consistent with characteristics of dyslexia and who would benefit from extra exposure and/or activities.


Our screenings take place by appointment only in 30 minute intervals from 12:00-3:00 on the third Friday of each month.

Questions? Contact Judy Cowin