Student Outcome Goals

Over 380 students have successfully transitioned from Horizon Academy after becoming more strategic, effective learners. The main pillars our highly trained and experienced staff look for when helping a family decide whether or not their student is ready to transition, are:


  • ACADEMICS- Strategic learners who are actively involved and utilize their learning experiences with strategies in math, reading, and writing in order to be at or near grade level.


  • SOCIAL SKILLS- Socially competent in decision making, problem solving, taking responsibility for their own behavior, and communicating appropriately with peers and adults.


  • SELF ADVOCACY- Self advocates who systematically gain a sense of control and influence over their own learning and development through demonstrating skills in presentation, communication, self awareness, and transition in which the student negotiates his/her own interests, needs, and rights.


  • ORGANIZATION- Prepared producers who attend class, complete and timely turn in homework, demonstrate responsibility for their belongings, and perform their best effort in the production of school work.