Executive Function (EF) Coaching - Horizon Academy

Executive Function (EF) Coaching

The Horizon Academy Learning Center offers Executive Function Coaching taught by our School Psychologist, Tiffany Arrington. Ph.D.

Dr. Arrington will help to develop appropriate strategies for students who struggle with planning, organization, time management, and study skills. 

Following an initial student-parent consultation, Dr. Arrington will facilitate the creation of short- and long-term goals. Each session will include a strategy review and analysis, targeted instruction, and an opportunity for rehearsal of strategies. Unlike other tutoring or coaching services, Dr. Arrington emphasizes the importance of teaming with parents to facilitate lasting effects. Brief participation by parents is important to the process (approximately 15 minutes per week).

Sustainable Benefits

Students enrolled in EF Coaching will learn more about their own academic motivation, how to focus their attention, solve problems, control their impulses, and pursue realistic goals. The program goals are designed to benefit the student and their family support system. By helping parents identify the difference between moments-to-push and moments-to-praise, we give parents a framework for providing parental support. 

Process, Cost Bundles and Scheduling

Prior to the start of the sessions, families will be sent questionnaires that will need to be completed by the student, parent(s) and a teacher (if possible) and returned to Dr. Arrington for review. Depending on the student’s needs, EF Coaching can be bundled in four, eight, or twelve weekly sessions.

The first session is a consultation with the student and parents and will last 50 minutes. All remaining sessions within the packages are 45-50 minutes in length, and include 15-20 minutes of parent involvement.

4 Sessions for $400

8 Sessions for $800

12 Sessions for $1,100

Sessions can be in-person or virtual.

*Note: There is a grade level minimum of 5th grade for this coaching.