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Unveiling the Future of Education: A Dive into “Neuroteach” by Glenn Whitman and Ian Kelleher

January 31, 2024

By Gerilyn Semro, MS – LD, MS – ASD, MA ELAssociate Member | Orton-Gillingham Academy Associate Principal, Horizon Academy In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the intersection of neuroscience and teaching methodologies has paved the way ...

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Phonemic Awareness: What it Is, and How it Impacts Reading 

December 26, 2023

Phonemic awareness is the best predictor of a child’s reading skills during the first two years of school. You may have heard a teacher, an SLP, or a school psychologist use the term “phonemic awareness” ...

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Storytelling: A Creative Approach to Enhancing Your Child’s Language Skills

November 21, 2023

As Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), we recognize the power of storytelling in the vast universe of language development. Not only is storytelling a rich tradition passed down through generations, but it is also a critical educational ...

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One Parent’s Perspective

October 25, 2023

Dr. Doug Burgess (Jordan’s dad) We knew Jordan was struggling but the school kept telling us that everything was fine. The testing they performed did not indicate that any interventions were needed. We kept getting ...

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Music, a Tool for Unlocking the Dyslexic Learner

September 19, 2023

Did you know that music is the perfect tool to help our dyslexic students improve their reading?  At Horizon Academy students use all of their senses to learn.  Whether the subject is math, science, or ...

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Out of the Darkness

August 22, 2023

Over the summer, our Horizon Academy community suffered a heartbreaking loss with the unexpected passing of Taiga Hughes.  Her death forces all of us to confront the horrible reality that suicide is the 3rd leading ...

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How To Help Your Child Be Successful Following Multi-Step Directions

July 24, 2023

Have you ever prepared for a pitch or a presentation by writing down your talking points or even a script of what you planned to say, and practiced it repeatedly? When we speak on a ...

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Dyslexia Affects Math Learning Too!  

June 27, 2023

Research now shows that 30-70% of students with dyslexia have math learning difficulties, even without a formal math learning disability diagnosis. Dyslexic students may develop areas of unfinished learning or educational gaps because math is ...

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One Orton-Gillingham Academy Fellow-in-Training’s Big Takeaways from the 2023 OGA Conference

June 5, 2023

Just a handful of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the 2023 Orton Gillingham Academy Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Not only did I get to meet my supervising Fellow and President of the ...

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By First Grade, We Were Losing Our Daughter: Anna’s Story Told By Her Mom, Jamie

March 31, 2023

I noticed Anna was having trouble even before kindergarten. She has an older sister, and I had also gone through preparing her for school. Anna’s letter retrieval was slow. She might know a letter, but ...

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