Our Values - Horizon Academy

Horizon Academy Values

Focus on the Whole Child

We encourage our students to become strategic learners and confident self-advocates. We recognize that academic success can only begin when a child feels socially and emotionally supported. Therefore, Horizon Academy has carefully constructed a safe learning environment where students can develop their academic and social skills in order to become self-determined, lifelong learners, and productive, responsible citizens of their communities.

Provide a Supportive Culture

We set high expectations for our students, which require a clear and defined structure. To achieve measurable results, students need routine and an environment that fosters trust and a growth mindset. We recognize that each child has his/her own learning style, and our nurturing environment helps students to focus on their strengths, understand their challenges, and realize their full potential.

Pursue a Diverse and Equitable Learning Community

Horizon Academy is mindful of the research that demonstrates that excellent results are more likely achieved through diversity. We know that in an evermore interconnected world, it is essential to equip our students with the analytical framework and the language for thinking and conversing about diversity. It is also essential to provide our students with the immersive experience of learning in a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community, so that they can become fully productive, culturally competent contributors to their communities. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of engaging our faculty, board, parents, families, and the larger Horizon Academy community in meaningful conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ensure All Faculty are Highly Qualified

Our faculty is our strongest asset. An empowered faculty is key to student progress. As the fields of learning disabilities and brain research continually progress, more effective strategies, technologies, and approaches evolve. Professional development ensures that Horizon Academy faculty employ leading edge, evidence-based practices to meet the needs of our unique student body. Our diagnostic, prescriptive, multisensory, student-driven approach guides decision making. Instructional coaching and mentorship ensure best practices are implemented with fidelity.

Promote Community Relationships and Engagement

It is essential for students who learn differently to have an educated and supportive community. Our students are one small part of a diverse world and are expected to be fully engaged in their communities. Horizon Academy strives to be a resource for area families and schools whose students are impacted by learning disabilities. We do so through teacher training, learning disability simulations, our learning center, and community outreach programs.

Ensure the Continued Viability of Horizon Academy

Horizon Academy’s programs, facilities, development, and operations are built on a foundation of strong leadership at the school and board levels. Leaders support an environment that is flexible and responsive to the ever-changing needs of students, their families, and the community at large. A commitment to a sustainable financial future will ensure that new generations of students can benefit from a Horizon Academy education.