One Mom’s Story: “Get them the help they need sooner, rather than later.” - Horizon Academy

One Mom’s Story: “Get them the help they need sooner, rather than later.”

Feb 06, 2023

We were lost when we found out Klara had dyslexia. We didn’t know what to do. 

I was at a swim meet, talking to another parent when she shared that her son also had dyslexia. This isn’t the kind of thing parents usually bring up. We are much more likely to brag or speak about successes or achievements, not challenges. It’s so hard to talk about learning disabilities, but the truth is, so many kids and families are struggling. 

Thankfully, this fellow swim mom opened up and told me about her son’s experience at Horizon Academy. If not, I don’t know what would have happened. I can’t talk about it now without tears coming to my eyes. I am so grateful.

Klara is so bright and so articulate, for her to speak so well and not be able to figure out written words was eye-opening for me as a parent. Her previous school wasn’t sure what her issue was at first and had planned a six-month observation period, but we didn’t wait around for that. By the time we got the diagnosis and did our research, I knew we needed to get her to Horizon Academy. 

I just knew she was at a pivotal point in her development. I knew we needed to get her the help she needed as early as possible. By the time we did our virtual tour, everything just made so much sense. The size of the classrooms, the support, the small group work, and the time and attention dedicated to each individual student was just so wonderful.

The teachers relate to her not only with love and compassion but with a true understanding of how her brain works and what she needs to be successful. Watching the way the educators work with the students is truly remarkable. 

I tell other parents, “get them the help they need earlier rather than later.” Get the help before your student checks out, before your child gives up, before your child starts the behavior problems that result from not having the understanding and support they need. 

Before her time at Horizon Academy, Klara didn’t want to go to school. Now she can’t wait to put on her uniform,  make her lunch, and get on her way. Her commute is 30 minutes each way, and she doesn’t even complain. 

By far, the biggest difference in Klara is her confidence!

Klara loves sharing what she’s learning and telling stories about her day; she’s so engaged and excited! Sending her to Horizon Academy has changed all of our lives for the better; we are closer than ever and even more supportive and understanding of each other.

I have to say, though, that even with all the benefits and powerful impact, if there were no financial assistance (money raised by H.A. donors and supporters), we would not be able to send Klara to Horizon Academy. Thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way. Even with the help, it is still a big commitment for our family, but it’s so worth it! 

-Kelly Bolden, Parent of Horizon Academy Student