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One Parent’s Perspective

Oct 25, 2023

One Parent’s Perspective

Dr. Doug Burgess (Jordan’s dad)

We knew Jordan was struggling but the school kept telling us that everything was fine. The testing they performed did not indicate that any interventions were needed. We kept getting the same answer from them. We knew everything wasn’t “fine” so we got independent testing done and received the dyslexia diagnosis.

We had Jordan doing private Orton-Gillingham tutoring after school two nights a week. She was also meeting with an occupational therapist for her dysgraphia.

At that point, she was going to school all day, and working twice as hard as many of those around her just to try and keep up, which was exhausting by itself. Then we had her doing three different things outside of school (tutoring and O.T.) to try and help her, but she didn’t understand the value of all the extra work and she started hating school.

Our daughter’s diagnosis was dyslexia, but it affected every aspect of our lives. She started dreading school on Sunday night. Then, it got to the point where the dread started on Saturday for Monday morning. She was having trouble sleeping. It was a rough time for all of us.

Even with all the information we had and all the challenges, we were still worried about taking her away from her friends and the environment that she had known. We wondered if she’d get everything she needed at Horizon Academy. Laura (Mombello, Enrollment Manager) told us to trust the process, and we did. It was the best decision we ever made.

I know it sounds cliche. I know I’ve heard other parents use this same line, but it’s so true…we got our daughter back!

It was amazing to have the occupational therapy and the individualized Orton-Gillingham instruction all in one place, during the school day. That made all the difference!

Jordan continues to gain confidence and she has the ability to advocate for herself. She talks to others about dyslexia and she’s even getting into rock climbing! She loves math and says she wants to study engineering! What a difference. She is thriving.

Horizon Academy has given her the skills she needs to be successful.

When your child is struggling, you ask, is this normal? There is a lot of confusion, especially when the school is telling you she’s fine when you know she isn’t. When you first find out your child has dyslexia, you feel like maybe you’re the only one, but it impacts so many people. I want parents to know they aren’t alone; it’s not just you.

I’ve never spoken to anyone who regretted sending their child to Horizon Academy. The only regret we feel and that I’ve heard from others too, is we regret we didn’t send her sooner.