Orton Gillingham Associate Training - Horizon Academy

Orton-Gillingham Associate Training

Horizon Academy’s Fellow-in-Training, Gabi Guillory-Welsh will lead this training under the supervision of Janet George, M.S. M.ED, an Accredited Training Fellow of the Orton-Gillingham Academy. This training is a more in-depth class that advances the understanding of specific procedures of the O-G Approach and the underlying principles in teaching reading, spelling, and vocabulary. Tutors and interventionists learn the principles of teaching students diagnosed with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities to unlock the code of reading and spelling. This course is intended for reading specialists, reading interventionists, and special educators.

The class addresses:

  • All bullet points in the Classroom Educator Course in greater depth and detail, and more methods for practical application, especially pertaining to 1:1 intensive intervention with a dyslexic student 
  • Analyzing a student’s background and diagnosis
  • Diagnostic and prescriptive teaching for one-on-one instruction

O-G Associate (A/OGA) Practicum

The Associate practicum provides guidance during the practical application of the coursework. In order to become an Associate Member, the Orton-Gillingham Academy (OGA) requires a minimum of 100 hours of supervised one-on-one instruction using the O-G Approach over the course of a minimum of 8 months. During the practicum, ten observations are completed by a Fellow or Fellow in Training, and applicants are assigned readings as well. Applicants are also required to complete an annotated lesson and a student profile under the guidance of their Fellow, as this level of training deepens the practitioner’s ability to understand a student’s learning profile and unique learning needs.

The practicum following training includes:

  • Ten video observations of a 1:1 lesson with a student and virtual feedback meetings with the Fellow or FIT
  • Writing a student profile on the student selected for practicum work
  • Writing an annotated lesson that demonstrates the principles of the O-G Approach
  • Readings assigned by the Fellow

Associate Orton-Gillingham Training

60-Hour Course

Course Dates

Where: Horizon Academy

June 24 – 28, 2024

Plus 3 Saturdays in Fall 2024 with dates TBD

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST

Price: $3,000 plus $150 for materials

The cost of training includes coursework, practicum observations, training manual, card deck, and course supplies.

$300 non-refundable deposit due with application.

This training will be held in person at Horizon Academy or virtually.

*Participants are required to provide their own office supplies.

*Local residents are expected to attend in person.

For more information regarding levels of certification, see the Academy website, www.ortonacademy.org. If a Classroom Educator wishes to pursue Associate level certification by the Academy, all coursework and practicum training may be applied to the Associate training requirements. Additional fees and practicum hours are required for this certification.