The Transition Process - Horizon Academy

The Transition Process

May 12, 2021

By Alicia Carr, Counseling Director

At Horizon Academy, we cherish building relationships with each individual student. Ultimately the goal for every student is to transition back to a traditional school setting; we strive to provide our students with the skills needed to make that transition. We support our students in meeting their educational, social, and emotional goals; helping them to be strong, independent self-advocates with social skills; and improving confidence in their academic abilities. 

The duration of a student’s stay at Horizon Academy varies greatly depending on the needs of the student. The four foundational skills we look for in evaluating whether a student is ready to transition are: academic skills, self-advocacy, social skills, and organization. 

When it’s time for you to transition your child, you can request a meeting to discuss student readiness and future placements. Our admissions team has toured many schools within the Kansas City metropolitan area and can assist you in narrowing down the search after we understand the goals you have for your child. 

Together with your child, select a few potential schools and ask those schools about the accommodations they provide. Students can tour and potentially shadow a future school to help determine whether it is a good placement for them. Once a school decision is made, we work with that school in order to provide a smooth transition. Representatives from the future school or district are welcome and encouraged to attend our Annual Review meeting where we discuss ILPs, student strengths, areas for growth, and suggested accommodations. 

Once you inform us that your child will transition the next school year, your child is placed in a small transition group led by a counselor. Students have opportunities in the group to strengthen their skills through discussion and hands-on practice in email etiquette, assistive technology, self-advocacy, and navigating a new school environment. 

Prior to transitioning, students reflect on their time at Horizon Academy and begin to look forward to a traditional school experience with renewed confidence. We are always proud of our student's academic and personal growth, and we love celebrating their successes.