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Year-Round School?

May 30, 2017

Written by Mr. McFarland, Middle Team Teacher
Each year kids (and teachers) count down the last 20 some days of the school year and look forward to summer break. It means something different probably to each person, but it’s important in some ways to everyone. It feels like a finish line has been crossed. Remember how that feels? It feels great! My writing class was writing persuasive paragraphs recently and one of the topic choices was, “Should schools be year-round?”  I went to some length to explain how the writer, like a debater, needs to be able to reason from both points of view.  That they should attempt to dismiss their own personal feelings and persuade the reader with logic and clear writing. No one chose year-round school!  I couldn’t even tempt them to write from that position. Apparently it’s pretty fixated in the American psyche, or at least here on the Great Plains, that one needs summer breaks. I know I do!