Going for the Gold - Horizon Academy

Going for the Gold

Dec 12, 2016

Written by Coach Chamberlain, Physical Education & Sports Coordinator
Last year, we began a new tradition in PE at Horizon Academy, the Olympics. Held twice a year, before winter and summer break, the Olympics are a great way to build team camaraderie, discuss sportsmanship, and add a little friendly competition to PE. Each classroom is assigned a country. Classes then spend 10-15 minutes discussing some fun facts about their designated country. This helps students understand and learn more about other cultures. We then spend three weeks participating in multiple Olympic events. Some of the favorites include bobsledding, water polo, curling, and an obstacle course (gymnastics). Teams earn points based on how their countries finish in each event. Results are announced each day to keep students up to date with the most accurate data. This spreadsheet is kept in a highly classified file that can only be accessed by the Olympic Committee. This ensures there is no tampering with results, and no collusion takes place. As the PE Teacher, I would say the most rewarding part of the Olympics has nothing to do with the results or points earned, but rather with seeing students interact with their classmates in such a positive way. During many events, while one student is competing, the other students are jumping up and down cheering on their teammate. We also talk a lot about good sportsmanship towards the opposing teams, and how important that is during athletics. At the end of the three weeks, we have a “Closing Ceremony,” in which individual and team awards are handed out. We play some Olympic music, and have a fun time before heading into winter or summer break!   See more photos from the 2016 Winter Olympics!