Mock Election - Horizon Academy

Mock Election

Nov 01, 2016

Written by Ms. Jones, Upper Team Teacher
It’s a presidential election year, and the U.S. Government Class is learning first hand how the political process works through a mock election.   To avoid controversy, the candidates are using representative pseudonyms and have created their own political parties as follows:  
  • The People’s Party: Lisa Seymore and Augustus Goode
    • Campaign Manager – Alfred Dunn
    • Campaign Slogan - “Respectful! Responsible! Reliable!”
  • The Realist Party: Rose Power and David Packer
    • Campaign Manager - Jon Justice
    • Campaign Slogan - “Success Begins With Us!”
  Before campaigning and before an election can be held, the candidates first had to complete the important task of registering their constituents – the students and staff of the Horizon Academy community.   The school community was divided into districts, and each student registered 2-3 districts.  Prior to voting on November 8, each registered voter will receive a voter registration card, which must be presented at the polling place.   After voter registration was complete, the student candidates launched their campaigns by passing out flyers and greeting the student body as they arrived at school. The candidates have also posted campaign ads (Power Packer Ad,  Seymore Good Ad) on the Horizon Academy YouTube Channel.   After watching the ads, students were asked to take a poll created by the Media/Technology class.   The data collected from the poll will be used to determine or predict who is favored to win the election.   The candidates will also participate in a Town Hall Mock Debate on November 3.  Members of the Horizon Academy community have been selected to ask questions of the candidates during the debates.  The questions cover a range of topics that are of national concern.  At the end of the Mock Debate, participants will be given an exit poll to determine whether or not the debate influenced their choice of candidates.   The Mock Election will culminate on Election Day, November 8, when students and staff cast their vote.   Stay tuned for the election results, which will be posted on our Facebook page!