March, 2018 - Horizon Academy


A Caring Community Pt. 2: In the Classroom

March 9, 2018

Written by Mrs. Herber, Elementary Teacher In part 1 of this series, Mr. Epsten discussed the school-wide initiatives Horizon Academy has taken to create a caring community of learners. Continue reading as Mrs. Herber discusses what this looks like in the classroom.   The Golden Rule. On the first day of school, teachers take the opportunity to discuss classroom rules.  Most teachers will let the students come up with classroom rules they think are important. These rules usually include, following directions, waiting quietly to be called on, picking up after oneself, and being respectful.  When the students share the rule…

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A Caring Community Pt. 1: School-Wide Initiatives

March 2, 2018

Written by Mr. Epsten, Counseling Director One of the main tenets of Horizon Academy is to create a caring school community to help students feel welcome, safe and accepted by staff and peers.  Many of our students have faced failure, rejection and been bullied in previous settings.  At first glance our efforts might seem contrived or ritualistic; however, in our experience students have appreciated and responded positively to these efforts in creating a caring community.   From the moment a student steps out of the car to be dropped off for the first day, they are greeted by staff who…

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