November, 2021 - Horizon Academy


Number Sense and 10

November 18, 2021

By Brenna Watson, Lower School Teacher It’s not uncommon that a special education teacher is led to the profession because of their own struggles in school. For me, it was math. I remember feeling so ostracized when my entire class grasped a concept that made no sense to me. To this day, my parents still talk about the stress and tears induced by math homework most nights. Ironically, math is now my favorite subject to teach. I’m very thankful for the shift in math instruction that’s been unfolding throughout my career.  One of my favorite “best practices” is fostering a…

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Faculty Spotlight: Teri Truog

November 8, 2021

Mrs. Teri Truog has wanted to be a teacher for as long as she can remember. She had many teachers who influenced her throughout her life, and she was continually reinforced with the thought that teaching was for her. During her time as a special education camp counselor, Teri knew she wanted to become a SPED teacher because she wanted to learn how to teach every kind of child in the way they needed to learn.  Since taking her first Orton-Gillingham course over ten years ago at Horizon Academy, Truog has carried it with her to every school she has…

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