October, 2021 - Horizon Academy


Yes, I have Dyslexia!

October 18, 2021

By Shaynee Sherwood, Lower School Teacher “What is it like having dyslexia?” I have been asked this question dozens of times since my own diagnosis in 2nd grade, and for a long time, I was unsure how to fully respond. Dyslexia is frustrating. It’s a lot of work: A lot of extra work. It’s working your hardest and still sometimes missing the mark. Or, oftentimes, missing the mark. It’s time-consuming. It’s knowing that you’ll almost always need extra time on language-based tasks. It’s being the last student to finish the test. It’s being the kid who accidentally left the completed homework at…

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Faculty Spotlight: Katlin Gardner

October 8, 2021

Ms. Katlin Gardner grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. She had a hard time moving through the Kansas City public school system but had one particular teacher in 3rd-5th grade that advocated for her. This experience made her realize that she wanted to be a source of help for students struggling in school.  Growing up with a mom who taught preschool, Gardner recognized first-hand that, ‘teaching young children is exhausting and time-consuming, but if you’re meant to do it, you can see the joy it brings to the teacher every time they teach.’ This is what Gardner saw in her…

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