December, 2021 - Horizon Academy


The Writing Revolution

December 16, 2021

By: Ann Kavanaugh, Middle School Teacher This year, Horizon Academy is focusing on a different approach to teaching writing: The Writing Revolution (TWR).  One of the essential aspects of this method is the recognition that writing is integral to all of the core subjects, and as such should be integrated into all of the subject areas throughout the day. Recently, our school’s O-G Fellow of Record through AOGPE, Janet George, reminded us that, according to NAEP data, “students with disabilities are significantly underachieving” in writing and should be “writing 1 hour a day cross-curricular.” The TWR approach to writing instruction integrates…

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Faculty Spotlight: Barry Soltz

December 7, 2021

For more than 26 years, Mr. Barry Soltz has been continuously trying to find new ways to make science interactive and fun for students. Part of the reason he pursued a career in science and special education was that he wanted to teach the child, not the grade. Barry taught in a public school setting before finding Horizon Academy. Soltz enjoys teaching a wide range of age groups about the subject he adores.  Soltz gives a lot of credit to the movie “Dead Poets Society” for his inspiration and lives by the motto carpe diem (seize the day). Our words and…

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