December, 2018 - Horizon Academy


STOP: Read the Room Helping to Manage Executive Dysfunction

December 26, 2018

By Gabi Guillory Most of us do not realize how truly skilled we are in the area of executive functioning. We use daily planners and calendars. We know what we’re having for dinner over the next several days. We have a mental map of the grocery store and can efficiently navigate it to avoid backtracking or retracing steps. We have a flight booked 6 weeks from now and we know what time that flight departs. We have a ride to the airport already scheduled and we have budgeted for that. When we enter a room, we take note of the…

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Prevent Brain Drain: Keep Your Kids Minds Sharp During Vacation

December 4, 2018

By Ellyn Linton   As the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  This rings true for our students at Horizon Academy where teachers anticipate various levels of regression over winter and summer breaks. According to research from Johns Hopkins University, students who experience ‘brain drain’ over the course of summer break lose 2 to 2 ½ months of math computation skills.  For students with decoding challenges, they can lose as much as 3 months in reading skills. Winter break is no exception to this concept, but you certainly don’t have to have your child spend each…

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