January, 2022 - Horizon Academy


What are your Pronouns?

January 20, 2022

By: Teri Truog, Lower School Teacher That’s a common, but relatively new question we all hear these days. As a middle-aged woman who considers herself open-minded and inclusive, I do admit I am not adept with pronouns - yet. I sometimes struggle, not only in being able to fully understand the meaning behind them, but mainly in wanting to be sure I honor and respect people’s gender identities and not offend anyone. They has been the hardest for me to understand and use correctly. I attributed that to the grammar at first, since the concept of singular “they” was so…

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Faculty Spotlight: Holly Hangauer

January 7, 2022

In 2012, Mrs. Holly Hangauer was going to school at the University of Missouri Kansas City for art education when someone approached her about becoming a Waldorf teacher. She participated in a summer training program in the Waldorf approach and soon after answered an ad for a job in Cabo Matapalo, Costa Rica! After teaching in Costa Rica, Hangauer taught 1st-4th graders in Lawrence, Kansas at a Waldorf school and decided after a while it was time to pack up and move to Kansas City. That’s when she found an art teaching position at Horizon Academy! Holly finds great joy…

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