September, 2021 - Horizon Academy


Faculty Spotlight: Brett Lasseter

September 14, 2021

Mrs. Brett Lasseter has known she wanted to be a teacher since she was a child herself! Having family members diagnosed with learning disabilities, she was exposed at a young age to appreciate the different ways people learn. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education with a Minor in deaf studies from Northwest Missouri State University, Lasseter worked in various places before landing at Horizon Academy.  Lasseter has had previous experiences where teachers have the attitude of, not my student not my problem. That is one thing she really appreciates about Horizon Academy. In fact,…

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Sensory Processing Disorder

September 2, 2021

By: Jackie Thomas Does your child?: Have difficulty sitting still in class for a 30-minute lesson?Have meltdowns when having to go to an assembly in a loud gym?Refuse to wear certain clothes?Bump into things or people when walking the halls?Get upset during lunch with the smell of a peer’s lunch?Get distracted by a visually stimulating classroom?Have difficulty with bladder control? If you answered yes to some of these questions then your child may have a sensory processing disorder (SPD).  Sensory processing is the ability of the brain to take in, organize, and interpret information from our senses. Our senses give…

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