January, 2024 - Horizon Academy


Unveiling the Future of Education: A Dive into “Neuroteach” by Glenn Whitman and Ian Kelleher

January 31, 2024

By Gerilyn Semro, MS - LD, MS - ASD, MA ELAssociate Member | Orton-Gillingham Academy Associate Principal, Horizon Academy In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the intersection of neuroscience and teaching methodologies has paved the way for groundbreaking insights and approaches. "Neuroteach: Brain Science and the Future of Education," authored by Glenn Whitman and Ian Kelleher, serves as a guiding beacon into the realms where cognitive science meets the classroom. This blog explores the key themes and takeaways from this illuminating book, shedding light on the potential transformation of education. “Neuroteach” is particularly relevant for Horizon Academy students, children with language-based…

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