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Smart Is as Smart Does

April 2, 2018

 Written by Mrs. Semro, Middle Team Teacher You can be smarter.  You can learn to be a smarter person.  Sound good? It certainly would to most people.  Intelligence is highly valued in our society, even ...

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A Caring Community Pt. 2: In the Classroom

March 9, 2018

Written by Mrs. Herber, Elementary Teacher In part 1 of this series, Mr. Epsten discussed the school-wide initiatives Horizon Academy has taken to create a caring community of learners. Continue reading as Mrs. Herber discusses ...

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A Caring Community Pt. 1: School-Wide Initiatives

March 2, 2018

Written by Mr. Epsten, Counseling Director One of the main tenets of Horizon Academy is to create a caring school community to help students feel welcome, safe and accepted by staff and peers.  Many of ...

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Discovering Inspiration

February 8, 2018

Written by Mr. Isenmann, Middle Team Teacher As a teacher, I’m constantly looking for new ideas. I get bored doing the same projects, the same writing prompts, the same review games year after year. I’ve ...

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Preparing Students for a Digital World

January 2, 2018

Written by Mr. Hayes, Technology Specialist At Horizon, we strive to help our students achieve their best. As a school for students with learning disabilities, this means we use many new systems and creative methods ...

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Entrepreneurship Project

November 9, 2017

Written by Mrs. Bergman, Counselor What do the founders of IKEA, JetBlue, Charles Schwab, and Apple all have in common? They all have learning disabilities. While learning disabilities can make many tasks more challenging, they ...

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Why Exercise is Important for the Brain…and a Great Way to Jump Start the Day!

October 20, 2017

Written by Coach Chamberlain, Physical Education and Sports Coordinator As I read different articles on the internet about cutting back Physical Education in schools across the country, it only motivates me to do more as ...

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Orton-Gillingham Classroom Activities

October 4, 2017

Written by Ms. Doetzer, Elementary Teacher   The Orton-Gillingham Approach is designed to help students with Dyslexia, which affects 1 in 5 children. Once you’ve been through the Orton-Gillingham training, there are a lot of ...

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Board Test

October 1, 2017

Board Test

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Horizon Academy Eclipse Day

September 12, 2017

Written by Mr. McConnell, Upper Team Instructor Horizon Academy was lucky to be near the path of a total solar eclipse this August. As a science teacher, I have been looking forward to this educational opportunity ...

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